Your Gardening Services in Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire

If you’re looking for garden maintenance and landscaping service, you’ve come to the right place. With years of experience on the job, our GoMoss gardening professionals will transform your garden in a matter of hours. The dedicated Milton Keynes gardeners have great attention to details, and you can be sure our work would look phenomenal. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a fresh new garden design or just for something traditional, our gardeners can do it all.


Why Use Our Gardening Services?

With state of the art equipment and a lot of knowledge about garden design, our gardening experts can give you the garden of your dreams. It will look amazing all the time, and you’ll never have to worry about it. Our professionals are certified and fully insured. They have a lot of experience in Milton Keynes gardening services and can do the job quickly. Our team can give you valuable advice on how to maintain your garden, so don’t hesitate to ask them any questions related to the job. With hundreds of satisfied customers, we look to establish a relationship with every one of our clients. The commitment of our gardeners in their work is equal to none.

Our gardening service is exactly the thing, busy people need, to have a brilliantly maintained garden. Whether it’s your front garden quite overgrown, or you need to get a few branches cut, our gardeners in Buckinghamshire will be able to help you achieve that.


How will you benefit from GoMoss Gardening service?

  • Environmentally-friendly products
  •  Quick and efficient service
    • make sure everything is ready in time for your garden party or new tenants
  •  We offer most competitive with no hidden charges
  •  Bespoke equipment to suit all types of garden, of any shape and size
  • The price includes all the products and tools needed
  •  Weather is not a factor for us

Gardening and external maintenance Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes

What does the service include?

Lawn mowing

Lawn mowing

GoMoss offer a very high quality grass mowing service. We cut lawns and garden areas for domestic gardens large and small, front and back garden. Lawn mowing and grass cutting services are available with GoMoss on a fortnightly or monthly basis, ensuring your garden is always healthy and looking fresh.




Hedge TrimmingHedge Trimming

The council has recently introduced new regulations regarding hedge and tree trimming. GoMoss will always clean after the job is done, sweeping pavements and driveways is part of the job we do, and be sure we will collect up to 180 liters of green waste for free.  We highly recommend trimming your hedges at least once or twice a year, depending on the hedge you have.

Our teams are happy to follow your priorities so we will guarantee an excellent result based on your needs. Well maintained front or back garden will highly improve the overall appearance of your property and surroundings. GoMoss offer a full hedge trimming and pruning service during each season.


Laying grassLaying grass

Whether your grass is too old now and is almost gone, or you just need to change it before the summer season, we will be able to help you choose the right grass for you and also give you a free consultation on how to maintain it in a perfect condition for the future. Our team of professional gardeners, will be able to remove the existing turf, level uneven areas, prepare and fertilize the new soil, and lay the new grass so you have the garden that you always wanted. Quotation for this service is available after a free survey.

Ivy RemovalIvy removal

growing Ivy on a tree, plants, fences, buildings, walls etc. is often considered to be a serious issue. It could even endanger the health of every home tree, or damage a fence or a wall. Ivy should be properly maintained before it spreads rapidly and get things out of control. Luckily Ivy is not a parasite and doesn’t penetrate the tree’s root, however it could be a problem for a very old or already damaged trees. Ivy could also weaken a brickwork, cement beds and joint, and even lift roof tiles and compromise weather proofing  Our team of professional gardeners in Buckinghamshire will be able to help you in a matter of hours and get that problem fixed in no time. We can either completely remove the Ivy or if you desire to just shape it and stop its rapid growth .


Shaping Garden TreesChopping and shaping of small trees

Trees are easy for us! From reducing and shaping, to completely removing small trees, with our fully trained and insured gardeners. Whether you have a small tree that you no longer want or just need the crown or some of the branches cut, it will be pleasure for us to serve you. Please note that the size of the tree matters, and for bigger trees to be cut or shaped you might need a permission from the council to do so, hence we will encourage you to send us a picture of the tree so we can determine how much we will be able to help


Garden WeedingWeeding

Weeds are unsightly and in many cased poisonous, some with thorns or other harmful parts damaging our plants. Weeds spread rapidly and it is very important to control them throughout the year so you avoid any damages on your patio, paving, decking or your favorite flowers. Some weeds produces huge numbers of seeds throughout the year, other weeds put down deep roots and can regrow from the smallest piece left under the ground. In order to maintain beautiful garden, it is very important to have all the weeds removed regularly. GoMoss professionals in Buckinghamshire can help you remove any unwanted weeds form your garden within hours.



With GoMoss gardening services we can help you plant any desired plants. Whether it’s tulips, lilies, roses, hedges, shrubs, or trees that are chosen to match your needs, we will be able to provide such service in no time.  We would only need you to provide the plant and we will be happy to do it for you. Trust our professionals and receive a free onsite consultation how to maintain your new plants in the future, or you can simply trust us to regularly maintain them.


Pruning GardeningPruning 

Pruning is considered to be the selective removal of some of the parts of a tree or a plant. Pruning is done when certain plant or tree need to be put in a good shape, remove deadwood or even when the health of the plant needs to be improved. Pruning is also done on flowers such as Roses in order to improve its health, with removing any dead or damaged less productive materials so it will increase its yield of flowers. Pruning is also used to shape a plant during its early years or just reduce the spread of trees. Deadwooding is used particularly on trees growing on public areas endangering the safety.


Gardening service with GoMoss is an hourly based service based on our client’s needs. Our professional gardeners in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keyes will be able to do as much as they can for the time booked. That is why we highly recommend that you prioritize your needs before we arrive, and once we arrive on site we will start the job immediately.

We always send a team of two professional gardeners, coming fully equipped with all the necessary equipment to do any job no matter small or big. As part of the service and the cost, we collect 180 litters of green waste for free upon your request, any extra waste can be disposed by our team for extra fee.   For bigger jobs or projects, the price will be provided after a free survey.

GoMoss sets very high standards and our reputation is based upon the quality of the services we provide. All our gardeners a very well trained and skilled, so they are able to execute any job quickly and sufficiently. We are available 7 days a week, including bank holidays and weekends.


Most of our clients choose to combine, and have the gardening service done together with jet wash cleaning or any other external area cleaned on a very competitive price.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the waste included in the price?

180 litres of waste are included in the price and service initially offered. Any extra/additional waste will be bagged up (if possible) and quoted for by volume.

Can I dispose of the waste myself?

Yes, the team can pile it up if there is a compost area or bag it and leave it in the council green bins, or simply bag it and leave it for you to deal with.

What if the service takes less/more?

Then you will be charged accordingly. You will only pay for the time the team worked - if more time is needed but our schedule doesn’t allow the gardeners to stay and complete the service we can organize the extra hours for another day or you can prioritize their work and ask them to work for a specific number of hours.

Will the waste be disposed of on the same day.

If you requested the collection in time and the team has space in the van - yes, they will load it up upon completion of the service. If the team has left already or they didn’t have sufficient space in the van then we will organize the collection within a few days.

Do the gardeners have the necessary tools and equipment for the job?

They have a wide variety of tools and almost all equipment necessary but in order for us to be sure we really did bring everything it’s best to advise what sort of work is needed so we can prepare accordingly.

Do you need a space to park?

Yes, the gardeners are coming with a van which needs to be parked as close to the property as possible. In case there is no parking in front or near the property they can stop and unload the tools and equipment and then park within a walkable distance.

Can the gardeners do some planting or re-potting for me?

Yes, they can do both but plants and all other needed materials must be provided for them.

If I need them to bring plants/compost/gravel/other material can you do that?

Yes, as long as we are notified 2 days prior to that and it is something small and specific. Example: 2 small plants, 1 10-l bag of gravel, Compost for a 20sq.m. area etc.

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Our Customers say

  • I was dreading replacing our cedar shake roof for all of the reasons you’d suspect.  From dealing with salesmen to throwing a lot of money at something I don’t even get to play with, I was not looking forward to any of this.  Scott from Rock Roofing made my re-roofing project easy.  What I liked: He and his crew show up on time.  He responds to emails/calls quickly.  He listens and offers suggestions.  What impressed me the most is that I left my cedar shake roofed house in the morning (Typical Sammamish 3300 sqft home) and when I got home that same day I had a beautiful, long-lasting composite roof.  Scott came back the next day to double-check the work and pick up a few odds-n-ends and we were done.  No muss.  No fuss.  I now laugh in the face of rain.  And by the way…  Our roof cost less than all the other estimates I received.

  • These guys literally rock (no pun intended).  Had a bad windstorm which resulted in all the bath/dryer vents needing to be replaced.  They were swamped with other projects, but the owner was awesome and delivered on his promise to help me (and they came out the same day I called them).  The installer was extremely professional, explained what he found, and did a super job.  If you need someone to help you with your roofing, whether it’s a new roof or repairing and existing one, this is the company I would go to.  Top notch all around.  Thanks, Rock Roofing!